HQHC has a team of experts who have deep knowledge and understanding of different healthcare accreditation requirements and quality improvement, our accreditation consultancy services includes:

  • Conducting multiple awareness sessions to support healthcare professionals and management staff in understanding the accreditation requirements.
  • Conducting baseline assessment visits to healthcare facilities to understand current state and perform risk assessment against accreditation guide.
  • Support health facilities management in developing required policies and procedures, incident reporting system, amend/develop forms and templates as needed, as per accreditation guide and best practices,
  • Developing and updating vision, mission, organization structure and strategic plan.
  • Participate in the health facilities accreditation meetings (if required)
  • Conduct specific healthcare professionals and staff training
  • Support the healthcare facility management in accreditation membership registration and document submission.
  • Support the healthcare facility team in conducting documents review (Patients files, staff files, pathways, checklists and others within accreditation scope)
  • Assist concerned healthcare facility staff in developing performance measures and monitoring process
  • Conducting 1-2 days “Mock Survey” to ensure health facility preparedness with aim to identify and address Priority Action Items (PAI) prior to the official survey visit.
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