HRL Academy

The array of regulations that govern healthcare can seem overwhelming to people who work in the industry. Almost every aspect of the field is overseen by one regulatory body or another, and sometimes by several. Healthcare licensing and regulations are developed and enforced by all levels of government—federal and local—and also by a large assortment of private organizations. At times, they operate without coordination. Healthcare professionals may feel that they spend more time complying with rules that direct their work than actually doing the work itself.
HRL Academy empowers healthcare professional’s knowledge and skills on health regulation and safety and provides lifelong learning to comply with a broad range of licensing and regulatory bodies and programs in the MENA region.
HRL Academy is recognized as the leading online source of “health regulatory and safety knowledge,” a respected authority for rigorous and affordable healthcare professional education and training. HRL Academy’s delivering methods include:

  • Continuous Education
  • Certifications
  • Live meetings
  • Engage Communities.
    HRL Academy gives also an opportunity for top healthcare instructors from around the world to teach healthcare Professionals. We’ve saved lives by connecting top healthcare instructors with professionals around the MENA region. The Academy provides the tools and platform to instructors to teach and share their expertise in health regulation and safety.
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