To provide the best services for healthcare investors and enable sustainable projects, we advise our clients to conduct a detailed Feasibility Analysis if the project value more than one million dollars. Feasibility Analysis which examines the details of the plan throughout the facility’s construction and subsequent daily operation. The study will identify and analyze the full range of risks, large and small, and determine the best ways to minimize them. The study is divided into two parts:

  • Nonfinancial analysis: addresses key areas such as market demand, competitive landscape, macroeconomic and political environment, legal and regulatory environment, technical and technological factors, environmental and safety factors, ownership structure, organizational and management structure, and corporate governance.
  • Financial analysis: addresses mainly at costs, revenues, working capital, and financing.

At the end of this stage, Creative will provide to our clients a feasibility analysis report which will answer the above points. The time frame for developing usually feasibility analysis report vary based on the functional program of the healthcare facility and clinical services, but usually it takes 2- 3 months to complete it and submit a draft to our clients for review and discussion.